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Permanent laser hair removal at DERMAPURA in Leipzig


Permanent hair removal Leipzig with the Primelase® medical device. DERMAPURA continues the more than 10-year tradition of permanent hair removal with the latest medical technology at the Jacobstraße 2 location in Leipzig.

The Primelase® is one of the most powerful diode lasers in the world and enables a painless treatment of various body zones. Almost all areas of the body can be treated. The most popular areas are the armpits, legs, intimate areas and the face. Permanent hair removal on the back, arms, buttock crease and beard edge are also possible.

4 Advantages of permanent hair removal

Save time

Get up in the morning and enjoy the day without shaving. This is only possible with permanent hair removal.


No more producing waste through razors, shaving foam or wax strips. This is only possible with permanent hair removal.

One time investment

Even though permanent hair removal may look expensive at first glance, it’s the only way to permanently save money on razors and epilators.

No skin irritations

With permanent hair removal, you say „goodbye“ to ingrown hairs, pimples and more that often result from shaving, waxing and waxing.

Permanent hair removal of the armpits

Thanks to our laser, permanent underarm hair removal is a painless and permanent way to remove those pesky hairs.

Permanent hair removal on the face

Permanent hair removal on the face and upper lip is suitable for both men and women. Whether lady’s beard or beard contour. Our laser removes hair permanently.

Permanent hair removal in the intimate area

Permanent hair removal with laser in the intimate area or bikini line helps especially against redness and spots in this sensitive area.

Permanent hair removal of the legs

Permanent hair removal on the legs. Smooth skin without visible pores thanks to our Dioden laser.

Permanent hair removal on the back

Permanent hair removal of the back is particularly popular with men.

Permanent hair removal of the breast

The permanent hair removal of chest hair or also in the abdominal area by means of laser is a sustainable way to a hair-free upper body.

Why you won’t find permanent hair removal prices on our site

Unlike classic cosmetics, permanent hair removal does not treat specific zones that are more or less the same size and have the same amount of hair on every person. Therefore, in our opinion, it is also not serious to lure customers and clients on our homepage with inaccurate price quotations.

The most honest price can therefore only be determined after an individual consultation.

AUTUMN - the perfect time to start with permanent hair removal

Did you know that autumn is the ideal time to start with permanent hair removal? Summer is over – the skin is no longer stressed by sun exposure – and you have enough lead time for a completely hair-free summer 2023! What are you waiting for? Let’s get started NOW.

For successful permanent hair removal, the following things must be observed:

Light swellings

During and after the treatment, redness, as well as slight swelling of the skin may occur, especially in the area of the hair follicles (slight formation of blisters in the area of the follicles). This is a sign of the initiation of the regeneration of the skin.

Full regeneration

Both subside completely within a few hours to days after application, depending on the sensitivity of the skin. Temporary side effects may also include crusting and dark spots. 


It is important that the body area to be treated is shaved before the treatment. The hairs should not be removed by plucking and waxing during this time, as this slows down growth and the laser cannot detect all hairs.

Low risk hair removal

Permanent laser hair removal at DERMAPURA with the Primlase diode laser is generally low-risk, very well tolerated and is performed by experienced skin experts who have been specially trained and educated in the use of the diode laser.

Frequently asked questions about permanent hair removal:

How does laser hair removal Leipzig work?

The laser light penetrates the superficial layers of the skin and the melanin in the hair absorbs the energy. The hair roots are damaged and hair growth is stopped. A cooling system keeps the skin temperature constant at 5°C during the treatment for a safe, pleasantly cooling skin sensation. Compared to other technologies, the Primelase uses extremely short pulses and is therefore ideal for light skin types and for removing fine residual hair.

What laser technology is used in the permanent hair removal studio in Leipzig?

DERMAPURA uses the latest Dioden laser technology. The Primelase is individually adjusted to the skin and hair type of the client:in order to achieve an optimal result. The cooling system makes the treatment safe and leaves the body feeling comfortable.

What skin and hair types can be removed with Primelase Laser Hair Removal?

Thanks to its unique wavelength ranges, the Primelase enables effective treatment of almost all skin types as well as most hair colours, guaranteeing comfortable and safe treatment of all areas.

How many sessions are needed for permanent hair removal?

As a rule, about 8 to 10 treatments are necessary for a successful result. The life cycle of a hair consists of three phases:

  1. Growth phase (anagen phase)
  2. Transition phase (catagen phase)
  3. Resting phase (telogen phase)


With the laser, only the hairs that are in the growth phase are successfully treated. About 4 to 8 weeks after the first treatment, another part of the hair roots is growing and can now be treated. After each treatment, the number of hairs decreases – approximately 20 to 30 percent of all hairs are reached.


The body’s reaction to laser treatment is individually different and cannot be predicted exactly. People react differently depending on their skin type and hair type. Therefore, as a professional provider, we cannot give a 100% guarantee of success. In our experience, most clients are satisfied with the results after about 8 to 10 treatments.


Due to hormonal fluctuations in our body, it can sometimes happen that, for example, after a treatment, there is a sudden surge in hair growth. This occurs relatively rarely and is very individual. In such cases, one needs accordingly a little more sessions (10-12) to fight the growth permanently.

Is the hair gone immediately after the laser treatment?

No, after the treatment it takes about 1-3 weeks for the hair to fall out. You will notice that the slightest touch or tug will cause the affected hair to fall out. However, despite the hair falling out, it is not the case that all hair is gone immediately and permanently. Permanent hair removal with the laser is a process that requires about 8 to 10 sessions for a successful result.

Is permanent hair removal painful?

Treatment with the Dioden laser is painless. The cooling system makes the treatment safe and leaves the body feeling comfortable. Nevertheless, the treatment is perceived differently by each client. Some clients feel almost nothing and for others the sensation is very intense. During the consultation we can give you a test impulse, so you can see for yourself how your own body reacts.

Is the treatment harmful to my health?

No. We are highly qualified and work with the most modern diode laser technology – made in Germany. The laser is approved as a medical device and has passed several quality tests. The treatment has no effect on your health. Only the skin may be a little stressed, like after sunbathing.

What side effects may occur?

As with all cosmetic treatments, side effects are possible, such as swelling, redness or a burning sensation after the treatment. These are normal phenomena and disappear after a short time. Quick relief is provided by cooling the body area and applying a soothing lotion, which we apply after each treatment.

What are the chances of success?

Hair removal with the Primelaser® is considered particularly effective and efficient. However, every person is different and reacts individually to the application. As a reputable provider, we cannot guarantee the success of the treatment, as this always depends on various factors.


Adherence to DERMAPURA treatment recommendations, e.g:

  • Adherence to the treatment intervals
  • No plucking and waxing of the affected body zones during the entire period of treatment
  • No sunbathing, avoidance of taking medicines that trigger photosensitivity

Medical reasons:

  • Pigmentation of the skin
  • Thickness and colour of the hair
  • Depth of the hair roots
  • Number of hairs in the growth phase
  • Genetically or hormonally caused changes in hair growth 


Due to all these reasons, it is possible that one or the other root regenerates again. However, the hairs are usually not as pronounced as before.

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